After SandyThe Cardiff Review

BandelettesWrite Like You’re Alive

CaughtMoonsick Magazine

Ceasefire – The Wax Paper

Conditional – Litterae Magazine

Cooking Lessons – RHINO

Disclaimer  – Banshee

Do No Harm – Stirring: A Literary Collection

Failure to Thrive – Luminous Echoes

The Farmer and the Fox – The Wax Paper

Freshly Fallen – Harts & Minds

Gemini Lines – Banshee

Halo – Tales from the Forest

Higher Primates & Certain Bats  – Persephone’s Daughters

Honorable Mention – Banshee

Invitation Only – Banshee

I Pack in the Dark – The Tangerine

Lucky Carmichael – Icarus

Music Lover – Megazine

Only ChildrenPersephone’s Daughters

Reverence – Poetry Ireland Review

RegimenA Women’s Thing: The Fight Issue

Sacred Heart – Icarus

Sometimes I Worry About –  Front Porch Journal, Ekphrasis Feature

Valhalla – Harts & Minds

Voodoo – Harts & Minds

What You Answer ToThe Fourth River, Juvenescence Feature

Wrong River – Megazine

xxPoetry Leaves installation



Bless Me Reader, for I Have SinnedWiseLit / Updated for Trish Hopkinson’s blog.

Excerpt from Grain – Icarus

Excerpt from Grain (II) –  Icarus

Interviewed by Trinity College Dublin Development & Alumni

Interview w/ Andrew Blum, author of Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet –  Critics & Writers

Interview w/ Drew Henning, Asst. State’s Attorney– Lewis & Clark School of Law

Love in the Time of Pokémon –  WiseLit

Moonshine – Mama Grande Press

Poetical Dumpster Diving Pays Off – WiseLit

Review of Beyza Ozer’s FAIL BETTERPloughshares

Review of Deanna Young’s House Dreams – Contemporary Verse 2

Review of Laura Marie Marciano’s Mall Brat – Weird Sister

Taking Home the Ghost – Entropy

Ticket to Write: The Cost of Amtrak’s Patronage – WiseLit

Trinity College Dublin Gets the New Coke Treatment – WiseLit

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