New Year, New Look

Birthday Pretzel

As of forty-eight hours ago, I am twenty-seven. In lieu of a dramatic haircut, I’ve opted to update the layout of this website. I have a few more exciting updates as well:


For a lot of people birthdays bring about something of a crisis that circles around the question, “Oh man–what am I doing with my life?” Lucky for me, I ask myself this on a near-constant loop, so the birthday aspect isn’t really a problem; chronic self-doubt and imposter syndrome, however, are another story. That is why I was surprised and delighted when Trinity’s alumni branch reached out to me for an interview. My path as a writer has not been the most direct, and it is all too easy to compare oneself to others who seem to be rocketing toward success: don’t do that. There is no one right way to be a writer, and you will figure it out. Read the interview here.


A piece I wrote for the now-defunct online publication WiseLit has been given an update and a new life on Trish Hopkinson’s website. It’s a brief musing on the stigma against confessional writing and why that’s a load of garbage. If you’re not familiar with Trish’s site, you should check it out regardless, as it is a brilliant resource for publishing opportunities.


Speaking of publishing, a little poem I could never find the right home for now lives among the trees at this year’s Poetry Leaves exhibit in Waterford, Michigan. It’s a sweet initiative put on by the town library, and one that I think is well suited to widespread implementation. I’m sure the Waterford team would be happy to talk about it if you want tips for bringing it to your town as well.


If you need something to read that reminds you of what is possible in this impossibly large universe, pick up a copy of beyza ozer’s beautiful book of poetry, Fail Better. I wrote a review of it for Ploughshares that will tell you all about why your life will be better for doing so.

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