Autumn Harvest

I know that Spring, with its melting snow and fresh flowers, is usually the time people associate with new beginnings, but I much prefer the bounty of autumn. I see possibility everywhere right up until December, which may have more to do with memories of giddy back-to-school shopping than anything else. Whatever it is, I love the crisp air and warm smells, and I’m harvesting all kinds of good news on the writing front.

In March of 2017, I will be featured in Eyewear Publishing’s Best New British and Irish Poets anthology with 49 other artists making their marks. The series is modeled on the Best American Poetry series, and does a brilliant job of making room at the table for members of the diaspora. It is nothing short of an honor to be included, and I cannot wait to read it.

5,000 miles away from Eyewear’s home base, a poem of mine (“Lucky Carmichael“) is going to be featured in the umbrella installation at the Nevermore METRO Immersive Arts Festival. I’d love to be there myself because the festival looks unlike anything I’ve been to, so I encourage anyone who can to check it out. For all of us who will be absent, here is a photo I was supplied by festival organizer Nicelle Davis.

Nevermore METRO Immersive Arts Festival Umbrella

Last, and far from least, I have two poems (“Only Children” and “Higher Primates & Certain Bats“) and one photograph in the latest issue of Persephone’s Daughters. If your reading life needs an infusion of high quality feminist work, then look no further. The work they publish deals heavily with themes of abuse, so take care of yourself as you read.

I hope that there is more good news ahead for all of us before winter comes knocking!

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  1. naseem

    Yay!! this is all awesome, Liz. Congrats!!


  2. njamnia

    Yay!!! Congrats, Liz!! Well done ❤


    1. Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson

      Thank you, gorgeous!


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