So Many Weekends.

This Weekend

Today is the last day of the  Wicker Park & West Town Lit Fest. If you’re in the Chicago area, there is still time to check out the remaining events. I taught a pop-in poetry workshop yesterday as Wasted Pages’ contribution to this great fest, which was a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon. The festival really highlights how much the Chicago literary and arts scenes are true communities, and that we all succeed better together.


A Few Weekends Ago

We can all pretty much agree that even the concept of networking–as in making connections with other human beings as a strategic move for your own career–is terrible. It is way better to have your boyfriend lovingly encourage you to talk to the poet whose work you like at a reading, have that poet turn out to be completely sound, and then review their book for Weird Sister. That’s a little specific, but the point is that genuine human connections are better than the knock-off version, and that you should read Laura Marie Marciano’s book, Mall Brat.


Still More Weekends Ago

This amount of time-travel is due to the fact that I didn’t know that Dulcet Quarterly had published their inaugural issue until a while after the fact. I should have been more on top of it because they were good enough to publish two of my photographs alongside some top-notch writing and art. In case the ‘inaugural’ didn’t tip you off, they’re a new publication that focuses on emerging artists with a feminist bent. Keep an eye out when their submissions open, and send them your work!

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