All kinds of good things ahead and behind from career changes to cats. To keep that momentum going, I have updated this little website. Some poems have been taken down so that they are eligible for submission and publication, but there is a new Photography page in their place get me and my cameras back out there.

Another exciting addition to my writing world is the newly created Wasted Pages Twitter account. Follow us for new about our intersectional workshops series, cool events in the Chicago area, and publishing opportunities!

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  1. Thankful | Elizabeth O'Connell-Thompson

    […] A few months ago I tried to remember what I was like, what I was doing, when I felt more together so I could figure out what was missing now. Part of it is that I put my photography, once a major piece of my life, on a hiatus that lasted years. So I have slowly brought it back, setting up the Photography section of this website, and finding homes for pieces that were in the dark for too long. Most recently, a photo in The Fourth River‘s “Tributaries” series. I am thankful that I am giving myself the space to be and create in multiple ways again. […]


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