Poetry Month: Day Twenty-Five

Considering how much time I spend on Tumblr, it’s only natural that I will occasionally use it as it was intended: to share and discover creative endeavors. As a tool for people to access and respond to art in a consumer culture-friendly way, it really can’t be beat. Here are a few gems I found, loved, and reblogged in recent fits of excitement.


"Escape" - Jeremy Miranda
Escape” – Jeremy Miranda

"Sleep" - Gustave Courbet
Sleep” – Gustave Courbet

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  1. Michael G

    There’s some real talent on tumblr… I’ve never used it really.

    Also, I feel a special affinity with Courbet. I, too, always put out the good vase when I’m having lovers over. Fresh flowers. You know. Gotta treat them right.


    1. Liz

      Uuuuse iiiiiit! If only for the pictures of puppies and tutorials on which pottery best sets the mood for sexual healing sessions.


      1. eadaoinlynch

        Damn straight. Guuurl these posts are the best things since Milton’s sass.


      2. Liz

        No, that would be you.


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