Poetry Month: Day Twenty-Five

Considering how much time I spend on Tumblr, it’s only natural that I will occasionally use it as it was intended: to share and discover creative endeavors. As a tool for people to access and respond to art in a consumer culture-friendly way, it really can’t be beat. Here are a few gems I found, loved, and reblogged in recent fits of excitement.


"Escape" - Jeremy Miranda
Escape” – Jeremy Miranda

"Sleep" - Gustave Courbet
Sleep” – Gustave Courbet

5 thoughts on “Poetry Month: Day Twenty-Five

  1. There’s some real talent on tumblr… I’ve never used it really.

    Also, I feel a special affinity with Courbet. I, too, always put out the good vase when I’m having lovers over. Fresh flowers. You know. Gotta treat them right.


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