Poetry Month: Day Seventeen

When I tell people I’m moving to a city I’ve never been to at the end of the summer, a lot of them ask me how I’m going to get all my stuff there, then look at me funny when I say I don’t really have that much.

Most of us, maybe, have done that. I knew a woman once
threw an iced bucket, ten sweatshirts, and her high school
annual in the car, ripped out of the driveway spitting
gravel and didn’t pull over until she heard a lone
killdeer cry on a farmer’s fence post. I loved that woman.

—from ‘Sometimes We Throw Things in the Car, Fast’ by Gary Gildner in Annual Survey of American Poetry: 1985.

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  1. aliciakhoo

    Love this poem! And I’ve done that four times already! Moving without ever being there. It’s exhilarating and I am excited for you! Be safe, angels will be sent to you everywhere you go.


    1. Liz

      Thank you! I’m moving with two friends, so we’ll look out for each other. So excited, though.


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