Poetry Month: Day Fifteen

Last summer I had tentative plans to do a cross-country US road trip with some very dear friends. Though it fell through, we’ve promised each other that it will happen when we’re all more settled–or less. In the stead of that adventure I opted to go interrailing when I finished up my essays and exams, part of which (with more to come) is chronicled on my personal blog.

I learned quite a few things during that time, not the least of which being that the inability to go anywhere without a book on hand is a serious character flaw in somebody who needs to travel light. In order to lessen my load and send some good vibrations into to world, I posted books as I finished them to friends I thought would enjoy them. To one of the friends with whom I’d planned the road trip I sent a collection of blues poetry. She boarded a plane in Dublin today to begin her own journey through Central and South America. I can only hope she’s half as excited as I am for her.

Blues Haiku

let me be yo wild
erness let me be yo wind
blowing you all day

-Sonia Sanchez

Lyrics by W.C. Handy.

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