Poetry Month: Day Six

It has to be some kind of link to me missing college that I’ve started doing these later and later in the day. Following that kind of thinking, here are some translated fragments from Sappho that I marked up in those four years for absolutely no course whatsoever.


For you beautiful ones my mind
is unchangeable.


Once again that loosener of limbs, Love,
bittersweet and inescapable, crawling thing,
seizes me.


Sweet mother, I cannot weave--
slender Aphrodite has overwhelmed me
with longing for a boy.


A handsome man is good to look at,
but a good man will be handsome as well.


I say someone in another time will remember us.

All translations from Diane J. Rayor’s Sappho’s Lyre: Archaic Lyric and Women Poets of Ancient Greece.

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  1. Michael G

    Many people in another time did remember them – and do.

    Beautiful post.


    1. Liz

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it.


  2. eadaoinlynch

    Sappho. You’re so wise. “A handsome man is good to look at, but a good man will be handsome as well.” Liz, these posts are fabulous. You make my day!


    1. Liz

      You make my day every day.


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